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Exclusively for Europe’s most passionate STEM students.

what is transcend?

Transcend is an exclusive, free mentorship program for Europe’s STEM students with a passion for software engineering.

Twenty entrants win an exclusive, one‑on‑one mentorship program led by a senior engineer at Bending Spoons, receiving valuable, long‑lasting counseling and coaching that can’t be accessed anywhere else.

who organizes transcend?

Leading European tech company Bending Spoons organizes and sponsors Transcend, as a way to support and encourage STEM students to pursue a career in software engineering.

With more than 350 million app downloads, Bending Spoons is the creator of category leading products like Splice and 30 Day Fitness. In both 2019 and 2020, Bending Spoons was awarded the title of Italy’s Best Place to Work (50‑149 employees) by the Great Place to Work Institute, among other awards.

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The selection process takes place online and is completely free to enter.

what are the requirements?

To gain entry to Transcend, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

You’re a European citizen and attending a government recognized university anywhere in the world. If you’re not a European citizen, you’re undertaking a full degree at a European University.

You’re currently pursuing a degree in a STEM field, or you finished your degree within the last year.

You love challenges and you’re eager to learn from equally passionate, talented people.


We value an excellent academic track record, but it’s not a deal-breaker. You also score big by pursuing remarkable, tech related or entrepreneurial side projects. Your love of software engineering should shine through. We value personal projects a lot, but don't worry if your passion is still green. As long as it's sincere, we'll be happy to consider your application!

what's the selection process?

A thorough selection process ensures that the twenty winners are talented and really interested in software engineering. From pure logic to complex programming, we’ve designed each step to illuminate your talent and enthusiasm.

The whole process takes place online. Successful applicants will be announced by Summer 2021.

Screening based on CV, motivation letter, and academic record

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Online logic-based challenges and coding challenge

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Online interview

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how does the mentorship program work?

The twenty most impressive entrants each win an exclusive, one‑on‑one mentorship program led by a senior software engineer at Bending Spoons. This valuable, long‑lasting guidance is a money‑can’t‑buy masterclass that won't be accessed by anyone else.

The Transcend mentors lead a knowledge‑sharing call every month for one year, for a total of twelve one‑on‑one mentorship sessions per prize winner. The first meeting will be scheduled by Bending Spoons. Subsequent meetings will be arranged ad‑hoc by both parties.

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